CALMIVA is a brand of the company AdVa GmbH founded in 2022. The core business includes, in addition to the production of Calmiva products, the distribution of the own brand in the B2B and B2C area.



The founders of AdVa GmbH already dealt with the topic of CBD, the various areas of application and the corresponding research situation since 2019. Convinced of the advantages of the hemp plant as an ecological good and in derivation from this, of the outstanding benefits of cannabidiol, the decision was made to become active in this area. Cannabidiol is considered in research circles as a natural active ingredient of the cannabis plant, which can contribute to the physical and mental health of humans and animals. We are convinced that proper education will lead to appropriate and optimized use of CBD products. For us, it is of central importance to communicate the positive properties of the hemp plant in a fair and transparent manner in order to promote an appropriate use of hemp and hemp products in all areas of application in the interest of society.



CALMIVA products embody the demands of creativity & diversity through their high-quality design. Packaging solutions are primarily sought and used under the criterion of sustainability. Of course, the quality of our products has the highest priority for us personally.

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